In Dramatic Fashion, Angels give one away to Rangers

Let’s be honest Angel fans, the halos not only lost their 2nd straight to the Rangers, but they practically gave this one to Texas on a silver platter.  Granted, Hank Blalock’s walk off home run was what won the game, but four huge baserunning blunders by the Angels set Hank up for his mighty shot. 

Juan Rivera, despite hitting his most clutch home run in his big league career of Frank Francisco (who hasn’t seen anything fly so fast out of the park since he threw a chair at a fan in Oakland years ago) in the 9th to tie things up, only to have their heart’s broken moments later, was involved in two of these all by himself.  And when you thought the worst was over on the basepaths with those, we then witnessed Vlad Guerrero decide to try to steal second while the Angels were trying to get something brewing, in the top of the 7th, only to be thrown out while Torii Hunter was on 3rd.  This was followed by Chone Figgins leading off the ninth and trying to stretch a double into a triple only to change his mind halfway in between 2nd and 3rd, resulting in the first out of the inning.

Jerrod Weaver looked like the solid Jerrod Weaver we’ve seen all year long, but over the course of the next two innings, he did his best big brother impersonation, finally being taken out to Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” (just like Joe Saunders the night before) lasting 5 1/3 innings, and yielding 7 runs on 8 hits.  Kevin Jepson and his soon to be demoted to AAA 12.34 ERA then came in, allowing 2 more hits before the last out was mercifully made.  Matt Palmer provided two innings of solid relief, only to hand the ball to another of the bullpen regulars, Justin Speier, who put the final touches on this Angels Masterpiece.  Despite the baserunning blunders, something has got to be done with the bullpen.  It seems as if every lead is as safe as a bulldog under Michael Vick’s care – and how much longer this is going to be tolerated is anyone’s guess, but hopefully not too much longer.

Furthermore, Angel fans, the halos are 1-5 vs Texas and 10-14 against the AL West so far this year – typcially something, much like their bullpen work, they are much better at.  Let’s see if Vlad can keep up the hot hitting away from Texas, as the Angels come back home to open a huge 10 game homestand against Baltimore, Texas, and the hated Yanks.  John Lackey will get things started, taking the ball in game one tomorrow night.


Until next time Angel fans.  



  1. Jonestein

    Fear not, for your Angels shall feast on Baltimore mediocrity this weekend while my Rangers get crushed by Tampa. We’ll roll into your house on Monday 4 games behind ya with our spirits crushed. :^)

  2. Jonestein

    Oh, and on behalf of all citizens of Rangers (Stag)Nation, I deeply apologize for our boys wearing those hideous red uniforms. Our front office tends to forget that our primary color is Royal Blue, not Angels Red. I think they’re more concerned with maximizing jersey sales to fans than establishing our OWN identity and a competitive team. Hell, I don’t even like the red on the Angels (I prefer the pre-2002 look), why would I want MY team to wear it?
    End of rant. :^)

    • mattwest

      haha I was wondering why they would sport the Red – looks like most teams are going away or at least not going full time with the home whites and road greys -I for one am not a fan of any jersey that has the vest and sleeves underneath, but I do prefer the traditional jerseys, maybe ok with the Red on Sundays or something. Good luck in Tampa, see you guys next week.

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