Streak Ends as Twins Thump Angels in Finale

They say all good things come to an end.  And in the Angels case, it meant the end to their 8 game winning streak as they dropped the final game of a four game series to the visiting Minnesota Twins Sunday afternoon, 10-1.  The Twins leave town, still licking their wounds from a brutal road trip, but managing to take with them some dignity in avoiding the four game sweep at the hands of the red hot Halos. 

Angels starting pitcher Ervin Santana again disappointed, lasting only 3 2/3 inning to pick up the loss.  It should be noted, that Santana has yet to pick up a victory this year at the Big A, a place where he has normally pitched very well.  Santana surrendered a first inning home run to Twins slugger Justin Morneau, the first of two for him on the day, and from there, things only got worse.  An Angel lineup filled with supersubs who have done nothing but overacheive in the absence of starters Torii Hunter, Vladimir Guerrero and Juan Rivera, helped make Twins starter Anthony Swarzak look like the best thing since sliced bread, as the big right hander went 6 2/3 innings to pick up his 3rd win of the season.  There was definitely an attitude amongst the Angel fans that the Halos, who have 32 comeback wins this year, would somehow get themselves back into the game as has been the case for nearly the past month, but that comeback never came.  Besides a solo home run by Kendre Morales in the 4th inning, the Angels, for the most part, went down faster than a North Korean Missile. 

Combine the Angels loss with a Rangers victory over the Royals, and the Angels lead over Texas now sits at 3.5 games.  The Halos next welcome in the Cleveland Indians, who have been heating up of late, winners of four in a row, but are still sitting 12 games back in the AL Central. The Indians have been involved in many trade deadline rumors involving last year’s Cy Young Winner Cliff Lee, and catcher/first baseman Victor Martinez.  Game One of this series will see disabled list All Star and Yankee extortioner Carl Pavano take on Joe Saunders.  Saunders, who hasn’t won in over a month will undoubtedly be looking to regain last year’s form as the Angels and Indians hook up for the first time this year.

Until next time Angel fans.



  1. southernbelle

    Morneau is really annoying. He killed the Yankees this season, but luckily the Yanks won every game against the Twins thanks to some walkoff magic. I like what you called Pavano; he was the biggest waste for the Yanks! Good luck against him, I actually will root for the Angels against him. I think he stinks this year anyway (what a surprise!) so maybe the victory will be easy. Thanks again for supporting me & my blog. I like knowing that someone will read it now and then!

    • mattwest

      Thank you for reading mine as well. Regarding Pavano, I am happy that he’s healthy finally and able to pitch, but man, he robbed you guys blind. If you guys keep up your hot play, the race for the east is going to be over quick.. Bury the Sox!!!!

    • mattwest

      Should be a great series, especially with both teams on a good offensive streak. I’m a bit worried that our makeshift lineup is starting to play according to the level of the players in it, rather than out of it’s mind which has been the case for the past couple weeks. We couldn’t do anything in yesterday’s game, hope it doesn’t carry over to this series

  2. juliasrants

    Watch out for Pavano! He is a classic example of what a change of scenery can do for a player. I’m with Tribe chick on this one – Southernbelle has not been following the Indians and Pavano this season – do not make the mistake of underestimating him! And sorry – but for the Yankees to make it through the playoffs this season they will have to go through the Red Sox – and right now I can give you 8 reasons while they won’t be able to. 😉 There is a lot of baseball left – and a lot of games between the Red Sox and the Yankees – so it is far too early to be calling the AL East.


    • mattwest

      You are right Julia, lots of baseball left and this week should be especially entertaining.. as long as we avoid the Sox in the first round (trusting that we make the playoffs of course) I will be happy. I hope you’re wrong about Pavano, especially tonight. Thanks for visiting! And, I think I have an idea of what those 8 reasons are – good one lol.

  3. indianslove

    Thanks for agreeing, Julia 🙂 Carl can be good at times & bad at times, but he has done pretty well. He won us 8 games, so the Tribe will take that, any day! Good Luck, once again. I hope the Tribe can break a record for this year with 5 wins in a row, but we will see.

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