Saunders Shuts Down Yanks

By far and away, this was Joe Saunders best start of the year.  Despite giving up solo home runs to Hideki Matsui and Mr. Performancer Enhancer himself, Alex Rodriguez, the lefty was locked in and lethal on Monday night.  Saunders ended up going 8 1/3 innings, and only allowed 2 runs to the high powered offfensive show that is this year’s version of the New York Yankees.  Closer Brian Fuentes came in to slam the door shut to pick up yet another save.  Saunders start was exactly what the team needed to start this homestand with and set the tone against the Yanks, as the Halos (not sure about the Yankees) hope that this is just a preview of a potential ALCS matchup.   

Saunders was opposed by Andy Pettitte, who wasn’t too bad himself.  Besides a little hiccup in the first in which the Angels scored 2, for the most part, the veteran lefty was superb.  The hiccup in the first were back to back RBI doubles by Vladimir Guerrero and Torii Hunter to stake the club to an early lead that they would never surrender.

Kendry Morales checked in with a pinch hit solo hom run, his 31st of the season in the 7th inning to help give the Angels a little insurance heading into the latter innnings.

Most importantly though, the Angels gained a game on the Yankees, who currently hold the lead on the best record in the AL and furthermore, home field advantage throughout the playoffs.  The Yankees lead, now stands at 4 games, and with 2 more games left against the Bronx Bombers in this series, plenty of ground can be made. 

Ervin Santana opposed Chad Gaudin tomorrow night as the Halos look to make it 2 straight.  I know it’s still just the regular season, but to think about a possible playoff matchup between these two teams is something I know the Halo fans are frothing at the mouth about, and I can already hear the grumblings from the New York fans – they want to stay as far away from us in the playoffs as they can.

Until next time Angel fans.



  1. southernbelle

    Matt: Ugh. Last night put me in a bad mood. To answer your question, I think I would rather have the Yankees play the Twins than the Tigers. If I am not mistaken, the Yankees swept the season series against the Twins. And the Twins were the victims of that “walkoff weekend” where the Yanks had 3 walkoffs in a row. I hope, if they do play the Twins, I did not just jinx my Yankees’ chances!
    I would rather NOT see the Halos in the postseason; I would prefer my Yanks playing the Red Sox over your guys. I know the Yankees can beat the Angels in the Bronx, but in Anaheim (I don’t know why) the Yanks look like lost puppies. I know the Yanks can win in Fenway, although every game is an adventure. Whoever they face, I just hope they go all the way. But we have to get there first.

  2. southernbelle

    Matt: Wow! I can’t believe my Yanks won the series. After they lost the first game, I didn’t think it would be possible for a series win. Shows how much I know. Good series, better cuz my Yanks won, but the games all had a playoff feel to them. The Angels have a knack for making me nervous.

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