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Angels Lose Absolute Heartbreaker to Boston

Well Angel fans, to be blunt, this one hurt.. it hurt real bad.  What should have been an Angel victory turned into defeat after home plate umpire Rick Reed (this year’s version of Doug Eddings) first didn’t call Nick Green’s check swing on a two strike pitch as the third strike, and second, on the same at bat, didn’t call a 3-2 fastball for strike 3 (which replays clearly showed was well inside ESPN’s strike zone).  As a result, Green walked, forcing in the tying run.  The next batter, Alex Gonzalez, drove in the winning run on a bloop single to left, giving the Sox the victory.  I am very curious to see what, if any discipline Reed gets for this blatant missed call.  Gotta love home cooking if you’re a Red Sox fan….

The Angels can get some sort of silver lining out of this loss.  This loss, especially combined with the fact that the Angels had and lost the lead 3 separate times, should bode them well in the playoffs.  They just got a chance to experience utter heartbreak, only this time, it’s during the regular season and not during the playoffs.  Hopefully this will be all they need and to start playing better baseball, as tonight again, the defense let down the starting pitcher, and twice the team couldn’t cash in on bases loaded and less than two out situations.

The loss takes the club to 0-3 so far on this crucial road trip, but thank goodness Texas forgot how to hit a baseball, as the Rangers have lost 3 in a row as well, to keep the Angels lead at 6 games.  I don’t know exactly what wise words Mike Scioscia can deliver to his team after tonight’s loss, but something needs to be done to turn this team around, and this needs to be done quick.

Vladimir Guerrero was hit by former Dodger Takashi Saito in the ribs with a crisp fastball in the 6th, and had to leave the game an inning later with what the club called a bruised ribcage and is listed day to day.  I think fair retalitation would be for a certain steroid user, Mr. David Ortiz, to feel the same pain tomorrow in his first at bat.  The Angels need to show that they’re not going to be pushed around, especially by these Red Sox. 

The Angels get to face Josh Beckett and his fancy necklace tomorrow, and the Halos will give the ball to Ervin Santana.  A strong start by Santana will help any chances he has to get a start in this year’s post season.

I know this loss was tough to swallow Angel fans – hopefully tomorrow goes better.

Until next time Angel fans.



Surprise Surprise

On a day I hope that Indian and Pirate fans alike are nursing their hangovers well, we have some pretty crazy news as far as who else has been implicated in the 2003 performance drug testing that so far, only had two members being made public, Alex Rodriguez and Sammy Sosa. Well, guys, you’re no longer alone in your cheating ways.  You have been joined by sluggers David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez, who reportedly tested positive for performance enhancing drugs back in 2003 while with the Boston Red Sox. 

Is anyone surprised by this? Especially for Ortiz, who was released by the Minnesota Twins in 2002 only to “revive” his career in Boston.  I for one, am not surprised.  Not in the least.  The Red Sox, up until now have not been mentioned in these types of reports, and Red Sox fans as a whole have been quick to point the finger at the Yankees, who have had their share of players linked to such drugs.  Oh Red Sox fans, how does the shoe fit?  I do remember earlier this year a certain heavy set member of the Red Sox who couldn’t hit his weight, stated that anyone that uses such drugs should be banned for one year and tested 3-4 times a year.  Big Papi thought that this would “clean up” the game.  How stupid do you think people are David, really?  You’re new nickname, from here on out and forever more, is “Big Hypocrite”

So far, 4 out of the 104 names that did test positive have been leaked. It remains to be seen and highly doubted, that the rest of the report will be made public.

We are clearly now in an era where star players are presumed guilty until they test positive.